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Power Ups{|class="wikitable" style="background:#222; border: 2px solid black" Bolt
Bolt Ammo Type
3 Attack
Range Colour
Long Pink
Single Player Mods
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Multiplayer Mods
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|} Bolt is an offensive power-up that contains three fast-moving projectiles (indicated on the icon as up-arrows), that are fired individually. Each time a bolt is fired, an arrow from the icon is removed. They can be fired both forwards and backwards, but are "dumb-fire" projectiles; the vehicle's orientation at that moment determines the trajectory of the shot, allowing for shots to be fired where the car is facing, even while in a skid/drift. Each projectile does half a block of damage and causes a car to slow down and skid slightly. While it's primarily an offensive weapon, it can destroy Mines and shunts with two shots.

Modifications Edit

Modification Description Rank Group Career
Iron Fist Increases the strength of your offensive Power-ups. 14 1 Multi
Showy Flourish Gain extra Fans for each power-up impact. 3 1 Multi
Bribe Gives you a random power-up at the start of races and each time you are Wrecked. 3 3 Multi
Safety Net Your Shield converts Shunt, Bolt and Barge impacts into a usable power-up. 3 2 Multi
Overbolt Each bolt power-up gives you four bolts instead of three. Proving Grounds Single
Scatter Shot Fire off all three Bolt Power-up rounds at once. Double Damage Single

Tips Edit

Bolt cartoon
  • When firing all your projectiles at once, turn the car slightly. This will fire the shots in a small spread pattern, increasing the chance of hitting a vehicle that is actively swerving or traveling at an angle to you.
  • While Bolt hits only do light damage, they do impart sufficient force on the car to break it loose from the ground. Hitting an opponent in the middle of a cornering maneuver will likely put them into a skid, or cause a drifting car to spin out of control. Take advantage of this and save your Bolt shots for when they will cause the most disruption.
  • Additional fans are awarded for skill shots. This includes any combination of the following:
    • "Fully Bolted" - successfully hitting a single vehicle with every round from a single Bolt powerup (regardless of the powerup's ammo count).
    • "Drift Bolt" - Bolt rounds fired while in a skid/drift.
    • "Reverse Bolt" - Bolt rounds fired behind your car.
    • "Long Shot Bolt" - Bolt rounds that hit an opponent after traveling a set distance.
    • "Air Bolt" - Bolt rounds that are fired while airborne, or that hit an airborne opponent.
    • "Nitro Bolt" - Bolt rounds that hit an opponent while you are using Nitro.
  • It takes 2 Bolt rounds to destroy a Shunt missile.
  • Hitting a Shunt with a single Bolt will cause it to lose power, and only jolt your car upon impact, instead of flipping it
  • It takes 2 Bolt rounds to destroy a Mine.
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