• Bigheadzach

    Itching to start analysis of the different tracks. I don't know where the images we've acquired thus far are coming from, but if it's from the PC version, then surely we can grab the top down track layouts that you see when observing a race in progress?

    That'll be the key towards very useful track pages. Some of the things i'd love to share involve racing lines, powerup placement for different classes, etc.

    Any thoughts on how this info can be gathered in an easy fashion?

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  • Bigheadzach

    I promised I would eventually follow through on this, so here it is!

    (It does need to be checked for accuracy on a few cars, as sometimes the dark blue squares look grey, and vice versa.)

    I need people with information about the Legendary car stats to fill in the question marks, and most likely all of the cars will need to be linked to their appropriate pages.

    I also have not fully determined which cars cannot be used in Team Racing, and if that list differs when playing in Team Motor Mash. All other modes have no restrictions on car selection AFAIK.

    Let me know what I can do to help contribute.

    Make Model Class Handling Accel Speed Grip Difficulty Health Earned At Other Reqs No Team Play
    Opel Astra Extreme A VG 9 9 10 5 5 1
    Opel Shannon's Astra …

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  • Bigheadzach

    Car stats

    June 8, 2010 by Bigheadzach

    As I progress towards Rank 50 I've been copying down all of the vehicle stats, including whether they are enabled for Team play. Should I continue to do this, or have I been beaten to the punch?

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